The Advantages Of A Work From Home Business

A work from home business is becoming an increasingly popular trend for many people and companies. It has a number of benefits for both the employees and the employers, and whether you are an existing business owner or an individual thinking of starting your own work from home business, you should be interested in some of the many benefits that working from home can bring.

One of the main reasons why companies adopt a work from home strategy is because such work is cost-effective. They are able to save huge amounts of money because they do not have to pay high overhead costs. They do not need to rent big office spaces since all their work processes can be done at home, and because of this, they do not have to pay bills for electricity and water. Employee benefits, like transportation benefits, medical benefits, insurance and others, are also significantly reduced.

For those people who work from home, one obvious advantage is that they will get to spend more time with their families. This is especially advantageous for mums who have kids. They can now say goodbye to daycare centers since they can look after their children while they work. Staying at home means that you can spend more time with your family while making an income.

Freedom and flexibility are also part of the reasons why a lot of people choose a work from home businesses. You can now make a living while enjoying the comforts of your own home. Doing your job at home can be very comfortable compared to being stuck in the office. You can be in control of your time and you can get more sleep since you do not have to wake up early to go to the office. If you need to do any household chores like laundry and cleaning, you can do them anytime of the day. No more boss or manager to keep an eye on you, which greatly lessens the pressure on you. Also, you do not need to adapt to the corporate culture.

Many people working from home are able to save a lot of money compared to going to the office everyday. With the convenience of getting up from bed and going straight to your desk, you can save time, gasoline, and other transportation costs. Nor do you need to buy office clothes, since working at home means you can wear anything, even your pajamas. Although though most companies that use a work from home strategy do not provide employee benefits, the great savings that come with working in this way will compensate for the benefits that are offered for office-based jobs.

Another benefit of a work from home business that can help to compensate for the loss of employee benefits that are offered to those who work in offices is the tax advantage. You can deduct expenses such as operating and depreciation costs if you use your home as a workplace. You should ask your accountant for proper evaluation, but it is a significant saving.

And lastly, work from home reduces stress. If any of your family members become ill you do not have to file for a vacation leave, but can now balance the demands of your private life and work life. Also, you can forget office politics which can cause so much stress to an individual. However, there is a downside.

While you are not pressured to get work done within tight schedules, you have to retain a degree of responsibility and put a full day’s work in each and every day. You should set deadlines for yourself, or else you will not earn enough to support your living. If you perform badly, you should expect a low pay. On the other hand, if your performance is satisfactory, then you can look forward to satisfactory earnings.

Your earnings greatly depend on your own performance, and while this can be a good thing since you are in control of how much money you want to make, you should make sure that you don’t take advantage of having no boss to keep an eye on you. You have to instill a degree of self-discipline to be successful.

In fact, with the growing number of people getting into this work from home trend, it means that it works for them and they are satisfied with the benefits. So try it now, whether full-time or part-time, and see if it is the right thing for you.

Office Redux
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I moved everything around in my office this weekend. It’s freaking amazing how much more room I have in here now! Last items of business here: Figuring out where to hang stuff on the wall, and putting shelving in the closet.

Go into All Sizes to see it bigger.

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Make Your Home Business Work For You

With the economy the way it is and such slim-pickings in the job market, starting a home business can be a great way, if not the only way, to pave your way to success. Being self-employed has many advantages you will find very rewarding but it is also a very challenging endeavor. Not only that but the statistics for failure in home business are quite staggering. The following guide is written to inform and empower you toward success with your home business.

If you have or are about to start a home business, be sure to establish an accurate budget. Many people fail at running a home business because they underestimated the cost of materials that goes with making or selling their product. For the best financial help, consider hiring an accountant.

A great home business tip is to keep your office off limits to other members of your family. You don’t want any surprises when you decide to work. Logging into your computer and seeing that it’s screwed up can devastate your business. Set boundaries for your family members.

Make sure you install good lighting in your office. There are several consequences to neglecting this vital aspect of your business. First and most obvious is that your office may be too bright or too dim which can make you tired more quickly. However, even if bad lighting doesn’t make you feel obviously tired harsh lights can greatly lower productivity.

Continue being successful in your business for the long haul. Every new home business venture is exciting, and that excitement makes it easy to do the work every day. But this does not build a successful business in the long run, because fear, boredom, lack of motivation and other emotions settle in after the excitement fades. True business success comes when you keeping pushing long after the original emotions have disappeared.

Instead of deciding on the first business that springs to mind, take the time to explore different options. Explore multiple business ideas! Research trade magazine articles on market demands and trends, or books with ideas for various home-based or small businesses. Information is available at the tip of your fingers, with the unprecedented growth of the Internet. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from those who have achieved a successful home business.

Take a measurement of your home office and then figure out what percentage of your whole home you are using for your business. This is important as it will reflect how much of your home costs, including rent or mortgage, you can claim on your income tax. Let your accountant know the percentage and he will tell you how much you can write off.

With a lot of hard work, dedication and information you can make your home business a success. Plan properly and prepare yourself by gaining as much knowledge as you can to provide foresight and infrastructure to your business plans. Hopefully this article has enlightened you to some of the ways you can make your dream of a home business a reality and a success!

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173-Freedom Tower Early Morning
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I had decided a bus tour to New York would be better for Pam rather than fighting airports and all the security junk they put you through in long waiting airport security lines, taking off your shoes and treating you like cattle, with so many restrictions on what you can carry. Not only did we get to see the countryside before hitting Manhattan, it saves a bundle on parking. We just parked our SUV at the AAA office and we had no /day airport parking, which was a great benefit. When we got to Times Square it was nice and dark and the lights were all on. We always thought Venice Beach California was the weirdest place we ever visited, but now we think it is tied with Times Square. Just to let you know, I am so relaxed; I finally made it as a professional singer on the cruise and made some money in the process. Actually, I was singing in the shower, and Pam paid me five-dollars to stop; and I think the money came from the suite next door; oh well, a profit is a profit. As we got up north almost to Greenland, it got really foggy, and you could hear the fog horns blowing all night. You can get Internet service, but at almost a buck per minute, so you better not hang on too long. Internet on a ship like this is not like the high-speed broadband you are used to having at home. Here on the ship, your computer data is sent through the air from the ship 22,000 miles above the earth to a satellite, and then it bounces back down to earth; kind of the long way around, but very cutting edge. It cost me just to send one e-mail. Most of the food is included but not pop; which we bought cruise soda cards at about each. If you want a drink from the bar, they run about each. They charge you about per day each person just for tips, which is OK, but we like to tip extra for exceptional service, and the service was great. Even though you are paid ahead before the cruise, the extras still really add up, and that does not even include souvenirs. The ship had 3,100 passengers, plus another 1,200 crew. The crew was very diversified hailing from 55 countries; amazing. So many different accents, all working together; just beautiful. The ship is the Caribbean Princess and it is so large I never could get a full photo of the entire vessel. I took some photos, which were just a sampling of the artwork around the ship. The décor was great and every lounge and restaurant had a different theme. Monday morning we finally arrived in Halifax, with a heavy fog and light rain. We just ordered room service for our morning breakfast so we could sit on our balcony and watch them dock the ship. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was founded in 1749, is located way up on Canada’s eastern coast. Halifax is known for two terrible disasters; 121 of the third-class Titanic passengers were laid to rest here, plus in 1917 a gunship blew-up and several thousand people died, with more than 9,000 injured. The next day we moved though the night through a terrific storm with high winds that really rocked the ship, ending up in the Bay of Fundy, at Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, established in 1783. Even a ship this huge when cutting through the ocean has quite a wave motion and you can lose your balance really easily. It was very cool temperatures here, and we had to put on our warm clothes, but it was still nice and sunny. A peaceful night of sailing then took us to Bar Harbor, Maine. We especially enjoyed this picturesque and scenic area since the ship had to drop anchor in the harbor and anyone who wanted to disembark had to ride in tenders to get into town. Many very fancy mansions dotted the shoreline and as we slowly coasted in, you could see the fishermen pulling up lobster traps from the thousands of floating bobbers in the water around the ship. This beautiful settlement was founded in 1796, and was originally named Eden. Interestingly, Bar Harbor has a year-round population of 5,000, but in the summer the population swells to 18,000. Next stop was Boston, and I could finally get a signal on my Blackberry without paying the /MB download charges. I had not been to Boston for about ten years when I flew out on business. I did not want to drive here even back then, so I hired a cab to take me to the meetings. I was amazed that even the tunnels under the river had off-ramps in them. Pam and I are not very good night owls, as we go to bed early, but if you were, I never seen so many lounges, night clubs, bars, and restaurants, in one spot just on this ship. The Last Port of Call before sailing back to New York City was Newport, Rhode Island. We sailed into the harbor about 7:00 AM and as the sun came up, we woke up since our patio doors were open all night, as we enjoyed the waves and ocean breezes. It was quite a different morning as we had some different excitement. It looked like a small boat was trying to approach the ship, to maybe take a drop from someone on-board or something. We watched in anticipation as a coast guard vessel moved in to stop them with the front machine gun manned and ready. The small boat took off towards the aft end of the ship and the coast guard went in pursuit of them. As they disappeared around the aft of the ship, more coast guard vessels came moving towards us at full speed as reinforcements. I am sure the first boat must have caught the small boat, but then we were escorted in by the other coast guard boats still all with machine guns fully manned. As we entered the harbor of Newport, Rhode Island, the scenery was just beautiful. Of course, I was busy making breakfast; I mean ordering breakfast, well work is work. What beautiful scenery this location had; which explains all the mansions built in the hills. Finally, the last day, disembarkation was an experience that could really spoil your trip. Waiting in lines on the ship, then walking down about three miles of gangways and hallways, plus going through customs was something no one really cherished. I know they make it as painless as possible, but moving over 3,000 people off a single location, and coordinating the luggage to the groups is a logistical nightmare; but they do it all the time, and patience is the key. Still it does not make it very relaxing at the end of your vacation. I snapped almost 1,100 photos, and I sorted out about 200 to put on Flickr, which I will upload as soon as I have the time over the next week or so. Most of the other photos were just duplicates as I was trying to capture the best angles. Again, this was a Princess cruise, and we enjoyed it very much, although, it is nice to get away, but there is no place like home. In addition, it was so nice to relax on that nice tour bus and let someone else do the driving; there is no way I would ever want to drive in New York City by myself. Again, I will get the rest of the photos on as soon as I can. Thank you all.