How To Seperate Your Home Life From Your Home Business

Too many home businesses fail due to a lack of discipline and not only from the business owner. Many times friends and family fail to understand that even though you are at home, you are still working, hence the term work at home business. Very few spouses or children would ever think of interrupting someone while they were at work outside the home, yet they have no compunction about dropping into their home office unexpectedly to discuss any topic.

It is a learning experience for family members when a business is operating out of the home and some may even feel as though they are being imposed upon by having to stay out of a room in ‘their’ house because you decided to stay at home and work, turning the spare bedroom into an office and posting a private sign on the door. At first, they may be willing to leave you alone and initially, you may actually appreciate the occasional interruption. However, once the novelty wears off that you are at home all the time, the interruptions will really begin to take their toll.

There will be a transitional period when a home business first opens during which the rest of the house members need to get used to the idea of pretending you are not home, even though they can hear you and probably even see you in your office. There is no real harm if they pop in to ask the occasional question just as you might venture into the family’s space to ask a question, provided it does not become a habit and a constant source of distraction.

Family will understand a lot better than neighbors and friends who see your car in the driveway during the first few days of working at home and chances are they will come calling to make sure you are OK. Even once told you are now working from home and really have to get back to work, you will probably have to hear about how lucky you are to be able to work at home, on your own schedule and have no one telling you what to do and not have all the distractions at an office.

During the initial period of adjustment patience will be needed to prevent creating bad feelings among family and others who unknowingly interrupt your work schedule. After awhile however, you will need to set parameters for everyone, if you plan to help your business grow and be successful. You immediate family will generally accept when they figure out if you cannot work, they may not be able to eat.

After about the first month, working in a home office will typically smooth out and there will be fewer people knocking on the door and you will not be spending the time wandering around the house searching for ways to be distracted. It is common in the beginning for new home business operators to get behind on their projects and then struggle to make up the time.

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Venice, May 2014 – 13
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Image by Ed Yourdon
(more details later, as time permits)


I’ve been to Venice once or twice for brief business trips during my life, which had the same characteristics as the business trips I described in a separate Flickr album about Paris — i.e., they basically involve flying into a busy airport at night, taking a taxi to a generic business-traveler’s hotel (a Hilton in Venice looks just like a Hilton in Cairo,except perhaps for the canal outside the main entrance), and then spending several days working in the hotel (if the purpose of the trip was a seminar or computer conference), or at a client’s office (also “generic” in most cases — you can’t even tell what floor you’re on when you get off the elevator, because every floor of “open office” layouts is the same). The trip usually ends in the late afternoon or evening of the final day, with a mad dash back to the airport to catch the last plane home to NYC. Thus, a business trip to Venice is almost indistinguishable from a business trip to Omaha. Or Albany. Or Tokyo.

But Venice is different from almost any other place in the world, and I’ve had a couple of vacation trips to experience that side of the city. But it’s been a long, long time: the first such visit was back in 1976 (which you can see here on Flickr), and the second visit was in 1983 (pictures of which do exist on Flickr, but have been restricted to family-only access, since they consist mostly of boring pictures of drooling babies and kids sticking their collective tongues out at me).

Thirty years is a long time between visits … but for a city like Venice, I doubt that very much has changed. Well, perhaps there wasn’t a McDonald’s outlet in Venice when I first came here (and I did photograph one such outlet on this current visit, which you’ll find in this album), and you can certainly guarantee that people weren’t walking around with cellphones and smartphones the way they are today. And while the tourists typically did have cameras back in the good-old-days, they were typically modest little “Instamatic” film-based gadgets, rather than the big, garish, DSLR cameras that everyone now seems to carry around with them, complete with advertising logos all over the camera-straps and bodies to remind you that they, too, can afford to buy an expensive Canon or Nikon gadget that they really don’t know how to use properly. (Sorry, I got carried away there …)

But the buildings, and the people, and the canals, and the gondolas … all of that is the same. And that’s what I’ve tried to capture in this set of photos. The tourist crowds are now so thick (even in May!) that I didn’t even bother going to the square at San Marco, and I didn’t bother taking any photos from the Rialto bridge over the Grand Canal; but you will see some photos of tourists in this album, along with photos of the local people who are still here …

I don’t expect to come back to Venice again in the next year or two … but if it turns out to be 20 or 30 years before my next return, I suspect it will all look pretty much exactly the same as it did on this trip, and in 1983, and when I first saw it in 1976.

There are many benefits to having a home business. One of the great things is that you can be doing what you love to be doing and you can be doing this at home, surrounded by your family and able to stop work at any time to take care of things. However, being at home also means that you need keep your home office from simply being a part of your life.
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The Advantages Of A Work From Home Business

A work from home business is becoming an increasingly popular trend for many people and companies. It has a number of benefits for both the employees and the employers, and whether you are an existing business owner or an individual thinking of starting your own work from home business, you should be interested in some of the many benefits that working from home can bring.

One of the main reasons why companies adopt a work from home strategy is because such work is cost-effective. They are able to save huge amounts of money because they do not have to pay high overhead costs. They do not need to rent big office spaces since all their work processes can be done at home, and because of this, they do not have to pay bills for electricity and water. Employee benefits, like transportation benefits, medical benefits, insurance and others, are also significantly reduced.

For those people who work from home, one obvious advantage is that they will get to spend more time with their families. This is especially advantageous for mums who have kids. They can now say goodbye to daycare centers since they can look after their children while they work. Staying at home means that you can spend more time with your family while making an income.

Freedom and flexibility are also part of the reasons why a lot of people choose a work from home businesses. You can now make a living while enjoying the comforts of your own home. Doing your job at home can be very comfortable compared to being stuck in the office. You can be in control of your time and you can get more sleep since you do not have to wake up early to go to the office. If you need to do any household chores like laundry and cleaning, you can do them anytime of the day. No more boss or manager to keep an eye on you, which greatly lessens the pressure on you. Also, you do not need to adapt to the corporate culture.

Many people working from home are able to save a lot of money compared to going to the office everyday. With the convenience of getting up from bed and going straight to your desk, you can save time, gasoline, and other transportation costs. Nor do you need to buy office clothes, since working at home means you can wear anything, even your pajamas. Although though most companies that use a work from home strategy do not provide employee benefits, the great savings that come with working in this way will compensate for the benefits that are offered for office-based jobs.

Another benefit of a work from home business that can help to compensate for the loss of employee benefits that are offered to those who work in offices is the tax advantage. You can deduct expenses such as operating and depreciation costs if you use your home as a workplace. You should ask your accountant for proper evaluation, but it is a significant saving.

And lastly, work from home reduces stress. If any of your family members become ill you do not have to file for a vacation leave, but can now balance the demands of your private life and work life. Also, you can forget office politics which can cause so much stress to an individual. However, there is a downside.

While you are not pressured to get work done within tight schedules, you have to retain a degree of responsibility and put a full day’s work in each and every day. You should set deadlines for yourself, or else you will not earn enough to support your living. If you perform badly, you should expect a low pay. On the other hand, if your performance is satisfactory, then you can look forward to satisfactory earnings.

Your earnings greatly depend on your own performance, and while this can be a good thing since you are in control of how much money you want to make, you should make sure that you don’t take advantage of having no boss to keep an eye on you. You have to instill a degree of self-discipline to be successful.

In fact, with the growing number of people getting into this work from home trend, it means that it works for them and they are satisfied with the benefits. So try it now, whether full-time or part-time, and see if it is the right thing for you.

Office Redux
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Image by elainevdw
I moved everything around in my office this weekend. It’s freaking amazing how much more room I have in here now! Last items of business here: Figuring out where to hang stuff on the wall, and putting shelving in the closet.

Go into All Sizes to see it bigger.

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How to Make Money from Your Home Office

Generating income from a home based business is an excellent way to supplement money earned from a regular job. These days, having an additional source of income is almost imperative. Most people find it is almost impossible to have a job that pays all your regular monthly bills. Statistics have proven that middle class income has not grown for decades, while the cost of living has risen. Also, you need to be prepared if you lose your job, for whatever the reason. Many people fear being dependent on one source of income, and unless your income is completely secure, you never know if you will have to face the world without a job to rely on.

The average job lasts less than five years. If you lose your job, you’ll find that it takes a long time to get a new one. Not only is it not easy to find a new job, but it is probable that the new job will pay only a small percentage of what the old one paid.

Fewer jobs are available in the workplace, so many people have decided to find a way to start a home based business from their home office. After all, the start-up cost is low, and almost everyone has a home office where they work and pay bills. Also, making money from home has never been easier. That’s because almost everyone has the basic tools right at their disposal. So, it’s only a question of putting those tools to good use and money will start rolling in – at least in theory.

If you want to start your own home based business, the next step is to decide what kind of business it will be. Usually the choice varies between a service business or a product business. Service business is a good choice for those who have special skills such as consulting or tech-support. Product businesses need to sell physical products or information products. The common issue is to market the product or service, and marketing is a key element that will determine how well the business will do. The internet provides a great way to market a business, because of its relatively low cost and huge exposure. Regardless of the choice of business, affiliate marketing can make it more profitable due to the power of networking.

Many people assume that it would be easier for them to start a service business, because they can offer their unique skills to companies looking to outsource work. However, this does not leverage the internet beyond the search for work. The individual will be working at one job at a time, so they cannot use the power of the internet to leverage their time. Consequently, home based service businesses have limited income.

A common misconception about starting a home based business that sells physical products is that, in addition to marketing, the business needs to buy, handle, store, and ship those products. However, because of technology, these requirements are no longer necessary. As a result, than starting a service business. That’s because the product business does not suffer the same limitations as a service business. Without the limitatioms of buying, handling, storing, and shipping physical products, a business can sell a great variety of products just by marketing them online.

In particular, affiliate marketing is a key strategy of many successful home based businesses. Affiliate marketing techniques allow the average home business to sell a great variety of products.

Without the need to handle products, home based businesses only need to learn how to market their products to generate income. The more a home business owner knows about marketing on the web, the more successful the business will be. Learning marketing becomes the most important factor in determining the success of the business.

Home based business success depends on marketing skill, and one of the best ways to learn virtually everyting about internet marketing is at the Home Office Team. Home business owners can find everything they need to know about internet marketing and internet marketing strategies. The Home Office Team is a place where home based businesses owners can learn and profit.

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Kresge Library Collection Transfer – July 10, 2014
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Image by cseeman
The Kresge Library Print Collection Transfer to the University Library started Monday July 7, 2014. The last of the books going to the University Library were pulled today, July 10, 2014. The University Library has been working with Kresge on identifying items that are not duplicated within their print collection. In total, nearly 55,000 items will be moving to the University Library from the Kresge Collections that had been on the 4th Floor of Kresge. This represents around 75-80% of our holdings, which shows the unique value this material had on the Michigan Campus. Movers from Corrigan will be working all week moving the print collections and some library furniture that will go to the University Library. The print collections that are taken by the University Library will be moved into storage while a permanent home is found at the University Library. It will likely be late this year when the print items are available for research use. The collection will not be returning to Ross.

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Online Home Business Office for Away From Home Dads

If you have a successful home based, online, Internet business there may come a time that you need to choose to take that office elsewhere if only on a part time basis.

Most of you will yell NO! at me through your monitor who are in the home based business online industry. I would do the same thing to tell you the truth. I would not do it either.

However, some people just cannot thrive at their business working from the home office. While the home Internet businesses are an attractive concept to them perhaps their spouse, children or pets do not or will not understand and are too disruptive to your business.

You can possibly avoid this situation with training and give and take with your spouse children and pets. If you are hearing the, you do not love me, line from your spouse children and pets maybe you can meet somewhere in between.

Acts as simple as having your children and pets set on your lap and be quiet while you are working will frequently satisfy them. Take pre arranged breaks for activity with your family to also satisfy them.

Taking agreed on and scheduled breaks to play and work with your different family members will also help. Remind them that you need breaks for yourself to chill out also.

Write a contract with your spouse and children that they help make, sign and agree to the terms. Train your pet to know that they will have play and walk times. Have the family help with tasks so they appreciate your business more.

To keep your business sanity you must get out of your house at least one hour everyday. This is a good time to walk with your dog and talk, offline, with your family. You are refreshed also.

Ideas will come from your subconscious at these rest times. Some will be good.

Do you find yourself too tempted by the TV in the next room or the refrigerator close by? How many modestly success entrepreneurs would you guess succeeded using these useless tools? Correct. None!

It is not that you have not succeeded at your home office online business. It may just be that you will succeed more elsewhere, and you will keep peace in the home too. Or will you?

If you have not left your job yet you must clearly lay out what your family, pets and friends can expect. If you do not do this clearly before you leave the job, disaster will follow. Got it? Good. Let us keep going.

This is only if you can not get your family to agree to cooperate and work with you. Explain that you worked hard and left your job to be home with them. If this fails you will just have to work away from home.

Loneliness could be a factor in moving the home base Internet business from the home. This will be true if you have no family or pets living with you.

An office environment may mean that other business people who run other entrepreneur businesses, like you, are down the hall.

The knowledge that you will run into people with similar business issues and conflicts at the copy machine or in the community break room can be good and helpful.

It is often a comforting thought. More comforting than trying to converse with your three year old about your client problems. Especially if a spouse is not home to support you at this time.

Perhaps just a partial move out is all that is necessary. You will still need to draw limits on your future growth at this time to control your life and happiness.

Friends and relatives will feel they can waste your time by dropping in during your working hours. They will say you are free to play now and even ask you to help them with their chores because you have more time now.

It happens. Just say no to these requests.

This outside, of the home, office environment can result in more productivity. You will be less tempted to waste two hours at lunch with a friend, relative or business associate.

With business growth you might grow out of home office space. This is a common fact. When you hire employees, you need more storage, PCs or other equipment. You may start to have local clients that want to stop by your office.

If this happens once too often and you get tired of finding excuses to meet them for coffee at the local Tim Hortons you might start thinking you need a real office. If you have a family, bring them in on this carefully before you move out.

At this point you need to decide if you want to grow anymore. Is your business becoming the awful job you escaped from?

Is it going to cost you your family and marriage? Talk it over big time with your family before taking the next step out of your home.

A friend of mine moved his home based Internet business to a location where the fax machine kept going off in the middle of the night and calling him.

Cell phone calls can be disruptive at odd hours as well, as clients and business colleagues anticipate getting your voice mail, not realizing they are waking you at home. Email is the answer here.

Set hours that you can answer the phone and let your customers know your hours so they know what to expect. If someone wants to call you at unfair hours, even a customer, you have to draw the line of respect.

Sometimes you might have to let a good customer go. I have had to do this myself. Your sanity and peace come first.

With any major business decision, whether Internet business or large corporation, there are cons as well as pros to consider.

The negatives are that you will be back to commuting, with the frustration, time consumption and even added danger of driving in this day and age when more people go through red lights and stop signs.

You will have the added expenses of furnishings, leasing, utilities, insurance and more stress you left at your old job.

Of course, if you have had to decline potential clients because you did not have the staff, time or facilities to complete their project, the decision might be easy.

If the profit expected from the move outweighs the cost of the move, it may be well worth your time. If it is better than your old job and does not cost you your family, it may be worth it.

Remember, just a part time outside office may be the answer. If you can still be happy, and not ruin your life, go for it.

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Home Office
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Image by Dave Dugdale
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The modern concept of small office/home office, or SoHo, refers to the category of business, which involves from 1 to 10 workers. SOHO can also stand for small or home office or single office/home office. A larger business enterprise, one notch up the size scale, is often categorized as a small business. When a company reaches 100 or more employees, it is often referred to as a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). (Source Wikipedia)