Decorating Your Home Business Office

There are many benefits to having a home business. One of the great things is that you can be doing what you love to be doing and you can be doing this at home, surrounded by your family and able to stop work at any time to take care of things. However, being at home also means that you need keep your home office from simply being a part of your life.

Meanwhile, not everyone can afford to have a different room that is only for their home business, so many people decide to make an office for themselves somewhere in their homes. Whether it is a corner of the basement or living room or a smaller and unused room. No matter where you decide to be, you have to make sure that your office is somewhere you are going to be able to work without having a lot of hassle.

There are going to be many things that you can do to make this a reality, so remember it all starts with you. First of all, be sure that you are giving yourself plenty of space that is just for your office. Be sure that you have something that separates the room your office is in from your actual office so that you do not feel as if you are in the middle of your regular life.

Then, it is time to furnish your office. Try to do whatever you can to make sure you are giving yourself plenty of chances to have the office of your dreams but remember that you are going to be working form home and therefore you do not need a lot of expensive equipment or decorations. Put up posters and other things that make you feel as if you are at work and encourage you. Also, check your department stores and other retailers, because often you can find very cheap office supplies.

If you are going to be having customers come into your home office, you need to have a place where they can be and actually feel like they are in a business. It is very important in this case that you go to the trouble of creating a real office, because if you do not have one you are not going to look professional and this could hurt your business.

Remember that this is always something you should be aware of. You must always portray what you are trying to get across when it comes to your home office and how you run things. Remember that you are in charge of your office and your business and you are in charge of how you come off to customers at all times. This is something that is completely in your control.

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Image from page 621 of “Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine” (1912)
office home business
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Identifier: baltimoreohioemp07balt
Title: Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
Subjects: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
Publisher: [Baltimore, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad]
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Text Appearing Before Image:
t, H. S. Adams, Chief Clerk toSuperintendent, Seymour, Ind. William F. Himler, checkman at the Sey-mour freight station, in service since 1903, isan ardent fan for the Cincinnati Reds. Thoughpast fifty years, he rises in time to catch No. 12,due at Seymour at 4.46 a. m. for the QueenCity and returns home on No. 3, arriving aboutmidnight. Mr. Himler had two sons in theservice, one a First Lieutenant. A third son,Hubert J., is office boy in our Superintendentsoffice. Recently an aeroplane did a land office busi-ness in riding passengers over Seymour. Sev-eral business men of the city were eager enoughto take a trip upward, in the hope of getting toheaven first, I guess. In the number wereseveral of our employes, including S. A. Rogers,road foreman of engines; Hubert Myron, opera-tor; Riley Whitman, Red Stants and HallieHolder of the Division Accountants office.George Henry, passenger fireman, enjoyed thenose dive, tail spin, etc. Others say they feela little more secure on mother earth.

Text Appearing After Image:
J. li. Sands, freight agent and Mr. A. H. Bowman, of the Bowman Freight Transfer Company. Louisville. Ky.,showing a catch of bass made on the afternoon of August 20, at Saranac Lake, N. Y.

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Decorating Your Home Office In A Most Pleasing Way

More and more people are starting their own home based business, and there is a real interest these days in furnishing one of the rooms at home to turn it into an office that makes it easy for the person to actually work from home.

Of course the best place to set up a home office is at home. While people have tried using one table in the living room and working there, this is not as efficient as having their own office for working. Having a separate room makes sure that there is plenty of peace and quiet for the person to be able to properly conduct their business from the comfort of their home.

A home business office needs various pieces of furniture for proper functioning. At the minimum you will need to have a regular table, a computer table, a chair, some filing cabinets and a bookshelf. If you don’t have enough space, you can use your regular table as the computer table as well, provided it is big enough to support the pc as well. Also the chair needs to be comfortable enough, since you will be sitting in it for many hours every day.

When it comes to the size of the room, a smaller place will invite less pieces of furniture than a larger one. There are many sleek and very functional desks that can be bought which take much less space than a regular sized one. Also using a laptop instead of a desktop computer will save space in the room. Also a laptop is highly portable, something that a desktop pc is not.

While working from home, you still need to treat your work as a real job that earns you money. This is why you need to think of it as a real business, and not merely spending time at home. So avoid having any distractions such as having TVs or radios in the room. On the other hand, you can easily decorate your office with a few well placed plants that add a nice ambient to your home office.

Making use of a spiral coil binding machine is a great addition to any home office. For more information visit spiral binding machine.

Museum Tower seen with the Downtown Dallas Financial District to its left and the burgeoning Dallas Arts District in the foreground as well as behind the Tower, June 2010
office home business
Image by skys the limit2
Museum Tower, at 560 feet tall and 42 stories costing 0 million dollars, is under construction with completion expected in late 2012. The rendering of Museum Tower in this photo shows what an incredible addition the tower will make on the Downtown Dallas cityscape. Museum Tower has been described as a "shaft of light".

Museum Tower, from this particular view, is visually located to the north of the Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral, JP Morgan Chase Tower, 2100 Ross Avenue Tower, and the Trammell Crow Center with One Arts Plaza to the east. The explosive growth of dozens of skyscrapers and highrises in Downtown Dallas’ Uptown District are immediately to the north of Museum Tower and are not seen in this image.

As seen in the rendering, Museum Tower is literally surrounded by the 68-acre, 19 contiguous block world class Dallas Arts District with its numerous cultural facilities in the heart of Downtown Dallas. The Dallas Arts District is now perceived as the finest in the country, surpassing the Kennedy and Lincoln Centers in New York City: www.flickr.com/photos/52949402@N03/5128988435/in/set-7215…

The 5.2 acre Woodall Rodgers Urban Park is under construction; the park’s construction is not seen in this image. The Woodall Rodgers Urban park is creating a "Central Park" like setting amidst the skyscrapers of Downtown Dallas and will be the "front lawn" to Museum Tower.

The Woodall Rodgers Urban Park is costing 0 million dollars and completion is expected in 2012. The Park will seamlessly connect the traditional Downtown Dallas Financial District to the skyscrapers and highrises in its Uptown District just immediately to the north into one continuous whole.

Woodall Rodgers Freeway is becoming the new 21st century "Main Street" of Downtown Dallas with the intense development that has occurred fronting Woodall Rodgers Freeway from both the south (the traditional Dallas Financial District) and the north (Downtown Dallas’ Uptown District) sides of the freeway.
Here is a fantastic video of Downtown Dallas from 07-24-10 driving along I-35 on the west side of Downtown that shows the wonderful density that has developed in the Downtown core with its Uptown District from 2006 to 2010. Select 720p HD and full screen. If you pause at 13 seconds into the video, right in the middle of the image between Hunt Oil and One Arts Plaza Towers, will be where the under construction 0 million dollar Museum Tower in the traditional Downtown Financial District will make its presence known. The construction crane seen center left at a 13 second pause is for the 17 story 5 million dollar Perot Museum of Nature and Science that is also currently under construction on the north side of Woodall Rodgers, a couple blocks away from Museum Tower’s location on the side side of Woodall. Woodall Rodgers is the new 21st century "Main Street" of Downtown Dallas. Museum Tower’s almost 600 foot tall 42 story presence once completed in late 2012 is going to make a huge impact on the Downtown Dallas cityscape as it will stretch the Financial District so far north that it will completely meld into Uptown and vice versa:


This is another fantastic video shot from a helicopter circling Downtown Dallas on 07-09-10. Select 720p HD and full screen. The video generally focuses on the traditional Downtown Dallas Financial District, but if you look on the left hand side middle screen while the video is playing you will again see the incredible dense development that has literally sprung up almost overnight in Downtown’s Uptown District (between 2006 and 2010). From between 5 and 13 seconds at the beginning of the video you can see how impressive the Uptown skyscrapers are from just seeing the edge of Uptown that is directly facing the Financial District across Woodall Rodgers. Also from around 35 to 40 seconds into the video is when you can see the dense Uptown development from a bit broader perspective. Woodall Rodgers is the new 21st century "Main Street" of Downtown Dallas. Also, Museum Tower’s almost 600 foot tall 42 story presence once completed in late 2012 is going to make a huge impact on the Downtown Dallas cityscape as it will stretch the Financial District so far north that it will completely meld into Uptown and vice versa:


This is another great aerial video that literally offers a birdseye, multi-thousand foot view of Downtown Dallas shot on 10-24-10, in a jet flying over Downtown on its landing approach to DFW International Airport. Select 720p HD and full screen. For purposes of this discussion, freeze the video anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds. The large mass of buildings in the very center of the video is Downtown Dallas, which includes all of the skyscrapers and highrises in Uptown as well as those in the more traditional Financial District which today forms the largest urban core in the nation outside of NYC, LA and Chicago with over 50,300,000 square feet of office space. The explosive growth of dense urban development in Uptown has vigorously extended Downtown Dallas northward. Downtown Dallas is now a long rectangle, anchored on its northern border by the CityPlace East (42 story) and Azure (31 story) skyscrapers with the mass of buildings stretching from the northern border southward through the traditional Financial District to just past I-30 to include the dense cluster of new developments in The Cedars District (the new City of Dallas Police Headquarters, the new Beat Condominium Tower, South Side on Lamar, and the just announced coup for Downtown Dallas of the NYLO Hotel South Side, etc.) . The W Hotel (31 stories) and The House Condominiums (29 stories) along with the Hyatt Regency Hotel (30 stories), Reunion Tower (50 stories) and the new half billion dollar Omni Convention Hotel (27 stories) clearly anchor the western side of Downtown running along Stemmons Freeway. One Arts Plaza (24 stories) and the dense Downtown Dallas Arts District along with the Sheraton Hotel’s twin towers (42 stories and 31 stories) and the Comerica Bank Headquarters Tower (60 stories) run along Central Expressway anchoring the eastern side of Downtown, and which then extends just a little further eastward to include the massive Baylor Medical District complex (seen in the video as the large mass of white highrises farthest east of the Financial District). Like a beautiful necklace extending just immediately north of Uptown/Downtown in the video, one can see the long chain of highrise apartment and condominium towers in the Turtle Creek area of Dallas tracking the large swath of greenbelt just immediately north of the CityPlace East and Azure skyscrapers. As a pre-cursor for continued vibrant Downtown Dallas growth, a major keystone development that heralds future massive and dense urban development for Downtown can be seen in the video in the form of the instantly iconic new Calatrava Bridge spanning the Trinity River, which will bring billions in new development by extending Downtown Dallas’ golden corridor, Woodall Rodgers Expressway, to the west side of the Trinity River. Woodall Rodgers has become the new 21st century "Main Street" for Downtown Dallas as it sets right in the middle of the bustling skyscrapers located on both the north and south sides of it. In the next ten to twenty years Turtle Creek, Uptown, Victory, Baylor, Deep Ellum, the Design District, the Financial District, The Cedars, and the newest urban frontier of West Dallas will seamlessly meld together to form a super dense core of the most dynamic and largest urban center in the nation outside of New York City and Los Angeles, and rivaling Chicago.


This cool video from 08-30-10 further reinforces the explosive growth of around 13,000,000 square feet in new Class A and Class AA office space that Downtown Dallas has seen in the last few years in its Uptown and Victory Districts from 2006 to 2010. Select 1080p HD and full screen. The video is shot from the same exact spot throughout but shifts its main focal point from the Financial District to Uptown at 14 seconds. From 0 to 13 seconds the focus of the video is the northern edge of the traditional Financial District with the bustling heavy traffic of Woodall Rodgers Freeway. During this segment one can imagine the imposing and impressive addition to the cityscape that the almost 600 foot tall 42 story Museum Tower will make as it will literally be positioned right behind Hunt Oil Tower, which is unmistakably dressed in its state-of-the-art LED lighting (blue at the time of the video). Still filmed from the exact same spot, from 14 seconds to the end, the focus of the video shifts slightly north looking across Woodall Rodgers Freeway to reveal just a small slice of the significant density of skyscrapers and highrises erected in Uptown mostly since around 2006. Woodall Rodgers is the new 21st century "Main Street" of Downtown Dallas. The construction crane that is clearly visible in this portion of the video is for the 17 story 5 million dollar Perot Museum of Nature and Science that is currently under construction:

Downtown Dallas is experiencing a renaissance from more than billion in new development that is currently underway in and near the Downtown core. As a result, Downtown Dallas is on the verge of a renewed greatness because of the billions in investment it has made in its Downtown core in general but also in its newest premier district, the Downtown Dallas Arts District.

An article published in the October 2010 "D Magazine" discusses how the relocation of corporate headquarters and businesses into Downtown Dallas is at an all time high. The level of interest in doing so (from out of state, in state and in town corporations) has also reached the highest level ever:


Dallas will surpass Chicago as the 3rd largest metro in the nation by 2030 or sooner, published 03-15-10 in The Dallas Morning News:


And another significant recognition and accolade from Forbes Magazine, published 09-02-09, naming Dallas as a "World Capital of the Future" that highlights Dallas’ worldwide reach and influence and its growing significance on the world stage:


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