6 Reasons To Open An Office Cleaning Business

It may be a good idea to open an office cleaning business. In today’s economic times, it is best to have a plan B. Having your own business will give you something to fall back on in case you lose your job or if the company you work for closes up. I can think of a few other reasons to start your own cleaning business now.

Financial reasons – A good reason to open an office cleaning business if to have financial security. You can’t be sure that you will have a job to go to next week. A part time job or your own small business can make up for lost earnings in case you get laid off or something. You won’t have to worry about where to get money to pay the bills.

Making it big – You can make your business grow and earn more than you thought possible. If you have the time to focus on it, you may even earn more from your part time cleaning business than from your regular day job. You can open an office cleaning business from scratch and start small. If your customers are satisfied with your service, you’ll eventually have more clients.

Earn right away – You can start to earn within a month after you open an office cleaning business. If you had been soliciting clients right away, you can probably get you first client within a week or 2, get your payment at the end of the month. Provide incentives for your client by offering a discount on your next visit if they can refer new clients.

Small capital – You don’t have to purchase expensive heavy duty equipment right away. Like we mentioned earlier, you can start small by doing projects for small companies. You could rent your equipment for your first few projects or get clients that only need small cleaning services that don’t require heavy duty cleaning equipment. Roll back your earnings back into your company to buy more equipment later on.

You’re the boss – For a change, you can give the orders instead of take them. You can have employees to the dirty work while you manage the business. Solicit new projects yourself, offer your people a commission if they get new projects. One thing you should do yourself though is to handle the finances. Never entrust your earnings to an employee.

Set your own time – A big plus to having your own business is you can set your own schedule. Now, you won’t have to drive to work daily or spend most of your waking hours at the office. You can even see your kids grow up with a home based cleaning business. Once you have employees working for you, you can take it easy, wake late and go home early in time for dinner with the family.

Surf the net and find affordable equipment. Learn how to market your cleaning business effectively to get more clients. Crunch some numbers and find out how much you will need to get started. If you don’t think you have enough money, you can find financing elsewhere like from a bank. This is when you will need to prepare a business plan. You will also need to prepare a contract. Get help from people who can give you tips about how to open an office cleaning business.

Russian Prefab Homes
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Image by jurvetson
Concrete blocks stacked into an apartment building.
Sakhalin Island, North of Japan. (The ocean swim at midnight was brisk!)

Their transition from a planned economy was slow, and the U.S. was trying to help with the transition with some business coaching sessions. I met with about 40 entrepreneurs, and few of them had any concept of market competition. If they had a manufacturing permit for rototillers, for example, they wanted to ramp to full production, even though their manufacturing cost was far greater than the sales price of the fully taxed Korean imports. (The sentiment was very different, and more hopeful in the newly independent states in the West, such as Estonia, which I also visited in 1998).

Two oil exploration consortia have spent B on this island over the past decade. So the startups that owned their office real estate have done well.

10 tips to transform any home office into a professional and profitable place of business, from Judy Smith, co-author with her brother Dan Smith of “Business Mojo: Achieving Success Through Mystical Exploration.” (www.BusinessSuccessBook.com)

This video offers advice from the practical, including separating your home office work and personal life to the mystical including Feng Shui and using crystals to attract potential clients..


Tips On How To Start An Office Cleaning Business

If you are planning to own a cleaning company, you must be thinking of how to start an office cleaning business. Cleaning offices, homes or apartment buildings is a simple business that can make a lot of money. It is also something you can start on a reasonable budget. The best part is, you can operate the business from home. It would be useless renting office space if most of your work will be done in other people’s offices.

You can do away with paying rent for office space as long as you have basic office tools at home like a telephone, computer, internet connection and office supplies. You may also use your garage as a storeroom for your cleaning equipment and supplies. It isn’t going to be difficult to learn how to start an office cleaning business if you follow these simple guidelines.

One of the first things you need to do is to create a business plan. It will be useful in case you need to borrow cash to open an office cleaning company. Your banker will want to see a business plan that shows you know what you are doing, can make the business work and make profit. That’s because they will want you to be able to repay the loan on time.

Another benefit to making a business plan is; you will discover how to start an office cleaning business covering areas in finance, management, marketing and profit. You will also learn how to procure equipment and supplies, train employees, and know how to go about getting clients. Once you are done writing your business plan, you will realize that you’ve learned more about the cleaning business than ever before.

You will have to buy cleaning tools and equipment such as power vacuums, heavy duty pressure washers, floor polishers, mops, rags, etc. For supplies, you will need floor wax, soap solutions, bleach, shampoo for carpet and sofa upholstery, and bathroom cleaners. You might also have to buy a larger vehicle like a truck or van to take you, your staff, and cleaning tools to the job site and back.

When you are mulling about how to start an office cleaning business, don’t forget to consider getting insurance. Basic liability insurance will save your company from financial liability in case something is damaged during one of your cleaning jobs. When you or your staff need to clean offices, you have to move equipment like copy machines, computers and furniture. If anything is damaged, you can fall back on insurance to pay for the damages instead of paying for them from your own pocket.

Don’t forget to register your cleaning company as a legit business. Pay taxes, get permits and get all legal documents in order. Not doing so can cause big problems for your business later on. It might be a good idea to hire a lawyer and an accountant to get these documents in order. A lawyer can also help you draft an office cleaning contract for clients and prepare waivers and other legal documents.

Marketing is also a major part of how to start an office cleaning business. It is what’s going to bring in customers and help you earn money. Without marketing and advertising, no one will know you exist. There are still a lot of stuff to learn in the cleaning business. Find out as much as you can before you open an office cleaning company. It will save you a lot of costly mistakes later on.

Discover how to start an office cleaning business, get more information about how to make an office cleaning contract at StartingAnOfficeCleaningBusiness.com.

Paris, May 2014 – 069
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Image by Ed Yourdon
(more details later, as time permits)


In the spring of 2014, we came to Paris for a week of relaxed vacationing, mostly to wander around and see some old familiar places. It was a “return” trip for both of us, though in my case I think it’s probably been more than 15 years since I was even here on a business trip.

Business trips to any city don’t really count as a “visit” — since they basically involve flying into a busy airport at night, taking a taxi to a generic business-traveler’s hotel (a Hilton in Paris looks just like a Hilton in Cairo), and then spending several days working in the hotel (if the purpose of the trip was a seminar or computer conference), or at a client’s office (also “generic” in most cases — you can’t even tell what floor you’re on when you get off the elevator, because every floor of “open office” layouts is the same). The trip usually ends in the late afternoon or evening of the final day, with a mad dash back to the airport to catch the last plane home to NYC. Thus, a business trip to Paris is almost indistinguishable from a business trip to Omaha. Or Albany. Or Tokyo.

But I did make a few “personal” visits to Paris in the 1970s and 1980s, so I looked forward to having the chance to walk through some familiar places along the Left Bank. I’m not so interested in museums, monuments, cathedrals, or other “official” tourist spots (but yes, I have been to the Eiffel Tower, just as I’ve been to the Empire State Building in NYC), so you won’t see any photos of those places in this Flickr set.

As a photographer, I now concentrate mostly on people and street scenes. The details of the location don’t matter much to me, though I do try to geotag my photos whenever I can. But for the most part, what you’ll see here are scenes of people and local things in Paris that made me smile as I walked around …

Watch the BEFORE video here:

Phase 1 is complete! I love the changes I’ve made so far. Things are so much more functional. There will be more changes coming soon! For example, I want to make a larger top for the new island and maybe put wheels on it. I need to do something about the unsightly blue cord going around the room and other things, mostly having to do with decluttering. But, I am so happy having my photography area next to the computer now. Before, I was photographing in my kitchen dining area where I could lay things out on the island in there, but this is making things so much more efficient and it really helps me with focus.

Hope you found something inspiring here!
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