Is A Home Business The Easiest Way To Start A Business?

Imagine having your own business. You have become a self made man or woman. For many this is a distant dream. Is there hope in small business, and even in a home business? So many people forget the benefits of owning their own home business, and how easy it can be to start. Join me, as we take a look at home business.

Most people will think that a business is a bricks and mortar business. That it needs to be in an office space or retail space, and have an original product or idea. Though this is true, it is not the only way to get into business.

In fact to start a home business is to have the same chances for success than if you got big financing, and office or retail space. If we consider for a moment the differences, it will show how startling the find is.

A business in retail space needs several things before it can get its first customer. It needs a big business plan. So the entrepreneur labors hard to create a shinning business plan. He or she takes it to a bank or anywhere that can offer the finance. They take out a loan, then get office or retail space, and now it is time to start.

Seems like a whole of a lot of hassle before you can get into business! So now we consider a home business. But, many people will shun a home business, with thoughts that it is less of a business than if it were in retail space or office space.

What is a business fundamentally? So many people drive cars, and they allow us to go a distance we could not go by ourselves. For example as a person you can only produce so much, thus most people work for someone else. When you become your own boss, and work from home, you get the added advantage that you have a financial vehicle – your home business!

Creating your vehicle could be as simple as coming up with your own idea or you can go with a number of available home business opportunities that can make your life easier. They are ready made, and you can get started with – with very little investment.

A home business needs no high level of finance before you get your first customer. A home business does not need a big business plan, nor does it need you to quit your day job. In fact it is a great way to become an entrepreneur.

Many of the successful businesses we see today, especially in the technology world, we see they were mostly started as a home business in a person’s bedroom, in a spare room, in the garage. That is how I started, in my bedroom I started my business, and can say that it saved me from having to work years before getting seed capital, and I didn’t have to have the weight of extra rent for office or retail space.

Home business makes sense. And can make lots of money. The risk is still there, and the commitment must be just as strong as if you were to become a franchise’ of McDonald’s. Keep at it and succeed.

1’000’s of people all around the world are making money at home. So, why not you? Visit home business ideas and start a home business.

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Home Business Tax Advantages

Nothing beats having a home based business to call your own that you can rely on to pay all the bills and let you have the freedom to say goodbye to the nine to five grind. What many do not consider however is that because you will be working for yourself you will be responsible for paying your own taxes as there will be none withheld unless you set up to do so with a payroll company. Either way you do go however, there are some tax advantages that a home based business can offer a small business owner.

While there are a wide variety of tax advantages for a home based business, here are the top four that are easy to use and often overlooked:

1. Home Office Deduction: This deduction allows you to deduct all or some of your office expenses for the office that you have set up in your home. To qualify for this deduction you must have your home office be the principle place that you conduct your business and your office space must be used strictly for business. You may also be able to deduct improvements done to your home office such as painting and decorating.

2. Education Expenses: If you further your education in a direct relation to your home business field then those classes or coursed are more than likely deductible. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about your specific industry and be able to enjoy a tax break as well.

3. Technology: When it comes to a home based business the IRS will consider the first phone line into your home to be a personal line and therefore not deductable. However, if you have a cell phone and you use it for business purposes then the cost of the phone and the monthly service fees are deductable. You can also deduct your Internet provider costs as a percentage of its use in relation to your business. For example, if you are using your Internet for 50 percent work and 50 percent pleasure, then you will be able to deduct 50 percent of the monthly fees associated with it.

4. Transportation: If you home based business requires you to travel to and from client’s homes or businesses then you can deduct the miles that you travel in relation to the business. For every mile you travel the IRS will allow you to deduct a certain amount of money and if you travel quite a bit then those miles can really begin to add up. A word of caution here; this is one of the most abused tax deductions in regards to home businesses so if you plan on using this deduction it is a good idea to keep a journal that logs all of your business miles you travel.

Of course the best way to find out all of the tax advantages that you will be able to enjoy with your home based business is by seeing a Certified Public Accountant. It may cost money to do so, but these professionals typically make up for what they charge you by what they can save you in deductions.

Jason Kay has been a successful internet marketing professional since 2004. He recommends starting a home internet business in your spare time at first, then making the transition to full time as you more fully learn the ropes.

The Year of the Dragon
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"The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. From the reading of the stars and element relationships in the paht chee chart, this year is going to be a transformational life-changing year! Generally, there are more goodies in store for you in the year 2012 than 2011. It’s a good year to improve oneself, take calculated investment risks and to build wealth. The year 2012 holds much promise and may be a major transition in your life. Whether it turns out extremely good, or really bad, will depend on how you ride the mighty Water Dragon!

The three powerful stars present in the year’s chart are the Star of Aggressive Sword, the Star of the External Flower of Romance and the Star of Powerful Mentors.

The Star of Aggressive Sword brings hostility, violence and aggression. Anger will pervade, forceful words will be spoken and people will become uncompromising, especially among the top brass, patriarchal people and people in charge. Revolutions and rebellions are indicated. Harmony does not come by easily. It becomes more demanding and competitive in the corporate world. People are motivated to outperform and step on others to achieve their goals. Cure this by the Laughing Buddha to disperse the tense energy.

The presence of the Star of External Flower of Romance indicates the occurrence of infidelity, extramarital affairs and relationship distress in the year 2012. Steady long term love relationships and marriages are not spared so do not that it for granted. Hearts will be broken, feelings deeply hurt and heartaches abound if you’re hit by it. Make sure you sleep facing your relationship direction based on your Kua and have Feng Shui protection in your bedroom.

For those who are seeking to reach a new career height and be successful in your profession or business will appreciate the Star of Powerful Mentors. This star brings you the good fortune of influential people giving you the support, help and recognition to propel your professional life from poor to good, good to great. Place a statue of Kwan Kung in the Northwest corner or the front part of the home to activate Mentor luck.

The Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix (a Rooster that symbolizes Phoenix) appear in the year’s pattern of influences. These are three of the four celestial animals of any space and the animal missing is the Tortoise. To complete this energy and achieve an ideal form school Feng Shui, it’s an excellent idea to add a Tortoise or Dragon Tortoise figurine in the house for good feng shui in 2012.

The 2012 Eight Character chart has every element EXCEPT Fire. This missing element rules creativity and intelligence which are vital ingredients for success in this competitive world today. We all know Feng Shui is all about balance of the energies thus it’s important to compensate the imbalance by introducing Fire element in your home or office. You can overcome the shortage by adding more lights, keeping them on for a longer period of time and using decorative items and upholstery that are red in color.

It’s important to note that in order to enjoy the brilliant year ahead, the negative cosmic energies have to be kept under control. Build your confidence, empower your life force and fortify your inner strength with the help of spiritual practice and wealth luck and big successes will come to you naturally in 2012."


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10 Reasons To Start A Home Business

1: Tax Advantages

Business Deductions.
To qualify as business deductions, expenses must be reasonable and necessary.
Taxpayers are required to keep accurate books and records.
The records should be complete enough to include types and sources of income, gains, losses, costs, expenses, and substantiation for tax deductions. Your records should include items such as bank statements, cancelled checks, receipts or invoices, credit card statements, diaries and logs. Here are some examples of what you could deduct. Remember…also check with a professional first.

Tax Deductions for Home-Based Businesses
Nobody likes tax time, but owning a home-based business can literally save you thousands of dollars a year in taxes by allowing you to turn personal expenses into legitimate, allowable deductions.

The more tax deductions your business can legitimately take, the lower its taxable profit will be. For example, if you earn $ 100,000 per year from your job and home-based business, combined, but have $ 15,000 in allowable business deductions from your business, you would only pay taxes of your net income of $ 85,000. At 30% tax rate, that could save you $ 4,500 in federal taxes!

We recommend you talk to your accountant about allowable tax deductions, but here are some tax strategies to keep in mind:

Auto Expenses
You can keep track of and deduct all your actual business-related expenses. Again, make sure you get the exact information that applies to your circumstances.

Education/Training Expenses
Costs of training meetings, training programs and manuals, books, online training subscriptions, etc.
Legal and Professional Fees, Fees you pay lawyers, tax professionals or consultants

Business Entertaining
You may deduct a certain % of the cost for entertaining existing or prospective customers, if it is either “directly related” to the business, and business is discussed, or “associated with” the business, and the entertainment takes place immediately before or after a business discussion. (Keep notes of the people involved and the business purpose.)

When you travel for business, you can deduct many expenses, including the cost of plane fare, costs of operating your car, rental cars, taxis, lodging, meals, shipping business materials, dry cleaning, telephone calls, faxes and tips. It’s OK to combine business and pleasure as long as business is the primary purpose of the trip. But if you take your family along, you can deduct only your expenses, just as if you had traveled alone.

Interest and carrying charges on credit cards and business loans are fully tax-deductible.

Computers and Software
Check with your accountant about the rules that apply to your business.

Charitable Contributions are deductible
Rules vary depending on how your business is registered. Get the details that apply to your business.

All expenses involved in advertising or promoting your business are deductible, i.e. business cards, classified ads, yellow pages, brochures and flyers, etc.

Household Expenses
This can be one of your most valuable deductions. To qualify, a percentage of your home must be used “exclusively and on a regular basis” for your business.

Often Overlooked Expenses

Business related long distance services.
Improvement costs to your office space.
A percentage of all household expenses, including property taxes, mortgage interest, homeowner’s insurance, utilities, property maintenance, alarm systems, snow removal, grass cutting, etc.
Office furniture and equipment – Have you purchased any desks, chairs, computers, files, lamps…Up to a certain amount can be deducted in one year.
Homeowner’s insurance, utilities and related expenses based on the percentage of their use in the home office.
Household maintenance – would be deducted on a percentage basis.
Snow removal and lawn maintenance.
NOTE: If there is any possibility you will sell your house within the next several years, talk to your accountant about the tax ramifications.

Note: This list of business expenses is not inclusive. If the item you’re thinking of using as a business tax deduction isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not a legitimate business expense. Check with your accountant Business Expenses
* Accounting & Legal fees (related to business activities)
* Advertising expenses
* Automobile expenses
* Bad Debts
* Bank Charges
* Business Taxes & Business Licenses
* Collection Agency fees
* Conference and Convention fees
* Expert Advice (consultant fees, for instance)
* Interest expenses (on money borrowed to run your business)
* Insurance expenses (for buildings, machinery or equipment)
* ISP fees (business use)
* Membership Dues (for business-related organizations)
* Meals and Entertainment expenses
* Office Rent expenses
* Office Supplies expenses
* Postage & Courier expenses
* Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) premiums
* Promotion expenses
* Property Taxes
* Repair & Maintenance expenses
* Salaries of employees – including salaries of family members
* Telephone/Telecommunications expenses
* Travel expenses
* Utilities

More Reasons for working from home.

2: Personal Freedom to come and go as you please.
Did you ever want to just spend a day with your family? Did you ever want to attend a special funeral but you had to work? What about visiting someone in the hospital? Can you just take a few hours off in the day? This is one of the best reasons for having a home business…you are able to manage your own time. This does not mean working less; rather it means flexibility of time scheduling.

3: You get to keep the profit. All of it.
This needs no explanation. If you work hard, if you are committed to your business, you will reap the benefits…and you will also get to keep the profit.

4: No Boss.
The stress of working for an unfair and egotistical boss can be tremendous. It has even been suggested that this kind of stress can lead to heart disease. Work related stress has been the cause of marriage break ups. Some people just cannot come home at night and leave their work related issues AT the office. They bring their concerns, fears and frustrations home with them…and the whole family suffers under this strain. I had a wonderful boss for 25 years. That changed. I work from home now.

5: No stress about co-workers.
Numerous studies show that office stress is associated with susceptibility to illness such as cold and flu including carpal tunnel syndrome. You spend 8 – 10 hours at work. If you do not get along with your co-workers, if there is a lot of office politics these hours 8 hours can seem an eternity. Office politics and employee dissention can eat away at the inner core of your being.

6: You get to raise your own children.
By choosing to work at home, you can choose your own business hours and personal hours to fit your needs. Many successful home business entrepreneurs will also hire nannies to look after their little ones while working in their home office. They love being there for their children and can still devote the necessary hours to their work.

7: You get to be creative.
No one can limit your talents. You can outsource what you are not good at doing. Instead, you can concentrate on what you are good at doing.

8: No rush hour traffic or concerns about driving in bad weather.
Working at home means you wake up and look out the window; you either smile or frown at what you see and go get yourself a cup of coffee. You watch the news; you watch the traffic problems, and then you go to work, at home.

If you have kids at the daycare, you know all too well the stress of getting there on time to pick them up after a long day at work. Daycare workers may love to look after your little treasures in the daytime…but, come a certain time in the evening, and they want your little ones gone. Many daycare workers charge a big fee for overtime, and rightfully so, but many also get very upset when the children are picked up late.

9: Not being tied down by someone else’s demands.
Do you have to work when asked to do overtime? Are you worried about losing your job if you do not comply? Do you feel pressured to work on your days off? Do you make plans to be with your family only to have your boss veto your plans? Working at home means you are able to schedule your own time.

10: Most important…You choose with who you work. You choose how you work.

Always remember, working at home does NOT mean working less.

One very special reason… especially this time of year, to start a home based business is TAX ADVANTAGES! Keep your hard earned dollars out of Uncle Sam’s pocket

My name is Ruth Bird. I have been married for 27 years to my husband
Chris. Chris has been battling the monster, MS, for a number of years. To
visit my home business and tax site, href=”http://www.marketersinmotio.com/articles/tax.htm”>click here.

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Downtown Philly afternoon view from JFK Blvd Schuykill River on the way to Amtrak 30th St Station to go home

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Home Business Tips – Setting Up Your Home Office

If you are going to own and run a home based business, having your own home office is an important aspect of your success. Although you could perform your duties at your kitchen table, this should be a last resort, as having your own space will enable you to differentiate your home from your business.

It is essential that you have a place that is conducive to work. Having your home office in your living room isn’t favorable to getting work done. You will also discover that finding time to rest or time for your family is impossible if you are encircle by your work, and time for work will be impossible if you are encircled by your family and distractions, such as the television.

So, what does your home office require? Let’s find out.

Office Desk and Chair

You will spend most of your time sitting in that chair, and working at that desk. The more roomy and comfortable it is the better off you are. You may be forced to begin with a small desk and an inexpensive chair in the beginning, but you should upgrade as soon as possible. The chair is especially vital, in terms of comfort.

There are many alternatives when it comes to a desk, but your desk should have a place for your keyboard, a room for your printer, storage space for disks, space for your monitor, and of course space to write and such.


The computer that you’ve used to browse and send and receive email probably isn’t strong enough to operate a business. You need a reliable computer, but you also require a computer that is suitable for upgrades in the future, as technology advances. Obtain your computer from a well-known company, and be sure to buy the extended warranty.

Office Equipment

This office equipment includes a printer, a scanner, a digital camera, and a fax machine. You may not really need all of these things for your home business, but you should consider your options carefully, and when you’re ready to buy, ensure that the products are high grades, so that they last for a long period of time.

When it comes to printers, you essentially have two options – a laser printer or an ink jet printer. If you will be doing a lot of professional printing, you may want to obtain a laser printer. However, if you want a printer for daily use, such as printing documents and pictures, an ink jet will be great. Either way, ensure that you can print in black and white as well as in color.

Also consider the fact that there are all-in-one systems that allow you to print, fax, copy, and scan, and for numerous business owners, this is the most logical and cost effective option. You will be amazed at how much a scanner comes in handy. It will enable you to scan documents and photographs. With a fax machine, you will be able to send and receive faxes, and in today’s business world, that is important.

Digital Camera

A digital camera may seem less important, but in most cases, it really isn’t. Owning a digital camera will allow you to take your own pictures for use on your web site, such as a photograph of you, or your products. What’s more, there is no film to purchase, and no development costs, as you can transfer your pictures from your camera to your computer in the blink of an eye.


Ideally, you will have a different telephone line for your business. Most folks don’t realize the essence of this. It isn’t a case of professionalism; it is a case of keeping your sanity. Your phone line will require voicemail, and this will take care of calls that are received during your personal hours or absence. You also won’t have to be concern about the line being engaged with personal calls.

Filing Cabinet

You will certainly require a filing cabinet. Your business may be an Online Business, but that doesn’t imply that you won’t have offline files. You should save hard copies of everything, and set aside time either daily or weekly to carefully file things away. You should keep hard copies of receipts, contracts, tax information, and other business records.

Office Supplies

Lastly, you will require miscellaneous supplies, such as pens and pencils, a pencil holder, a pencil sharpener, business cards, note pads, envelopes, stationary, address book, paper and ink for the printer, and of course tablets for those numerous headaches you will experience.

Make your office space confidential, and make it a place that you will feel relaxed spending a great deal of time in. While it isn’t important to decorate the home office, it does help to enable it a warm and inviting place to carry out business.

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travelogue 22
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Travelogue: Having pulled the red Chevy ‘Look at my Rental’ rental car the wrong way into the parking lot, I began to wonder where everyone was. Flex offices are great, until you go to one.
Menlo Park, California, USA

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